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Scheduling works with Job Tracking to help organize and track the flow of work to each department and cost center for better management of all areas of production.  By using expected due dates for proofing, outside services and job delivery - idle time and production bottlenecks can be avoided.  Tight control of production flow, maintenance and overtime leads to higher profitability.  Our real-time scheduling gives you essential information to make informed decisions for complete control.

    Scheduling Features:

Electronic Data Collection Allows Real-Time Scheduling

Links to Job Tracking for complete management of all areas of production

Scheduling By Department, departments can be machine or template based

User Defined templates determine available hours for all departments

integrates purchase of paper, ink, supply items & outside services to maintain schedule

allows user defined "Job flow patterns" to route work through plant

indicates jobs that cannot make delivery dates

schedules machine maintenance, employee vacation and work variations

job and operations prioritizing allow scheduler to arrange events more profitably

    Printouts Include:

Overall Schedule By Department

Bar charts Indicating allocated time

list of jobs on schedule

job schedule detail

report of late jobs

unsold hours report

press requirement report

jobs on hold report