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Job Tracking is a feature-packed module that aids in evaluating employee production performance, pinpoints weak production links and assists in targeting delivery dates.  Job Tracking gives you immediate access to a job's status keeping both you and your client well-informed.  Knowing the exact status of each job while in production and having the ability to analyze each step of the production process allows maximum efficiency and increased profitability.

Full Order Entry:

Allows Entry Of Estimated, Non-Estimated And Reorder Jobs

Allocates Required Inventory Or Places Item On Order If Inventory Module Is Installed

Simple Schedule Allows List Of Jobs By Due Dates For Each Department

Customers Can Be Added During Creation Of Jobs

Checks Customer Credit Status Prior To Creating Job If A/R Is Installed.

Tracks User Defined Product Types For Sales Analysis

Comprehensive Job Costing:  

Generates Actual vs. Estimated Job Cost Printouts

Produces Invoices Based On Actual Cost, Estimated Cost Or Other

Collects & Stores Information Through Time & Material Cards Or Bar Code Readers  

Complete Job Tracking:

Provides Immediate Access To The Job’s Status

Tracks All Open Jobs To Determine Time And Material Use

Tracks All Employee Activity

Employee Activity Report Shows Productive & Non-Productive Time Breakdown

Complete Job History Available

   General Features:  

Fast, Flexible, Easy To Use System Using Your Shop Standards

Includes Full Order Entry, Job Costing And History Modules

Produces Customized Job Ticket

Full Maintenance/Shop Standards Module Included

Unlimited User Defined Operations

Allows Unlimited Number Of Customers In Data Base

Full Integration With TruSystems Estimating, A/R, Inventory & Purchase Order

Allows Viewing Of Necessary Shop Standards During Creation Of Job

Password Protected  

Runs Under Windows 2000 Server, NT, Novell

Utilizes A Powerful, Fully Scalable SQL Database

ODBC Interface

  Printouts Include:

Custom Job Ticket

Directory Of Jobs By Customer, Job Number, Date Entered/ Due, Sales Rep

Current Job Activity Report

Shipping Tickets, Box Labels

List Of Invoiced Completed Jobs

Job History By Customer Activity

Stock Paper Ticket

Work In Process Report

Report Of Employee Activity

Status Of  Jobs In Shop

Actual vs. Estimated Job Cost


Job History By Shop Activity