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What are the networking requirements to run AGS software?

AccuGraphic Systems PrintAdministrator software is a 32 bit Windows application that runs on all Windows Server technology or Novell Netware 4.x or greater.

PrintAdministrator software will also run on a stand-alone computer running Windows 98SE or greater.  

How long will it take to get up and running on AGS software?

That depends on several things;  how much software will be implemented, the number of employees to be trained and the length of time it takes to collect your shop data for the maintenance programs.  We provide all of the tools to get started and guide you in collecting your shop standards.  We also offer on-site installation and training to help ensure a smooth installation.  

Do I have to buy all of your software as a "system" at once?

No, our software is modular, so you can select exactly the modules that meet your needs and add modules as you require them. 

Do you have any software packages available for small, but growing commercial printers?

Yes, we currently offer a scaled down version of our Estimating/Accounts Receivable system.  And when you're ready to move up to the full commercial Estimating system, we'll apply your full purchase price toward the new system. 

Do you customize your software to meet special needs? 

Yes, many of our printouts are customized as part of the purchase price, but we also offer more extensive software customization as required by our users.

Will I have the ability to easily change my hourly rates and company information?

Absolutely!  Each software module includes a maintenance program to allow you to enter and update your shop standards easily in-house.