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Data Collection in "real-time" will enable your company to electronically track job progress, employee activity and inventory items through your shop with immediate access to job status.  Bar codes are used for efficient tracking and can be generated via laser or dot matrix printers in-house.

    Data Collection Benefits:

Real-time data collection utilizes PC's or data collection devices

Accommodates increased sales volume

Aids in making timely management decisions

On-Line tracking or job information provides instant job status verification

Assists in optimizing production capacities

helps eliminate job overloads

Dramatically improves customer service

eliminates time sheets

reduces keyboarding errors

improves inventory handling by tracking usage, spoilage and waste

internal clock monitors employee activity

assists in scheduling, job costing, inventory control and payroll

     General Features:

Bar Codes Are Generated On Job Tickets For Data Collection

All Shop Operations Are Bar Coded

“Smart Terminals” Prompt Employees And Verify Data As It Is Entered

Real Time Job Status Verification

Records Inventory/Receiving Data

Data Collection Allows Tracking Of Productive As Well As Non-Productive Time

Provides Accurate Information For Job Tracking Reports